Monday, January 21, 2013

Graduation Day

  The time had come for Mikey to graduate preschool and move on to kindergarten. He had done beautifully while in preschool, and we were very sad to leave the wonderful network of teachers and supporters who had helped guide us through this transitional period. We were very fortunate to have met such caring people and be part of a community that helped special children and their families.
   Prior to graduation, we met with several of the teachers on Mikey's team....we loved them all , but as always, there had to be one that felt the need to burst our bubble. I will not disclose in what capacity this person worked with us , as this is not a blog meant to attack or belittle anyone, but I will say this again, some things truly are better left unsaid. I met with this person to discuss my son's progress and plans for the future. The conversation went well until she turned to me and said...." You realize he will never speak, it is not going to happen." Now, anyone who knows me well knows that when you tell me something will never happen, that I will do my very best to make sure that it does indeed happen. I simply responded by saying" and of course, you realize that you have absolutely no possible way of knowing that to be true. You are not God, and you are merely giving your opinion, one which I do not appreciate at all." She went on to apologize, saying that she meant no harm, but to me , that was all nonsense. She had children that could speak. She had no idea what this was like. There was no way in hell I would ever let her or anyone else try to take away our hope for his future. No way .
   A few days after the meetings, we prepared Mikey for his big day. It was just adorable. The kids were dressed a little fancier than usual, and they were all lined up and ready to march into the auditorium and sing
some special songs(those that were able to sing). Many of the children there had sensory issues, so some were super-excited, some were cranky, and some nervous. When our Mikey entered the gym, he was in tears....I think his emotions had gotten the best of him. He would cry, then laugh, then cry, but all the while, he looked so sweet and innocent. It didn't take but a minute for me to be in tears as well.
    He made it through the ceremony, and we went back to his classroom for the celebration. By this point in time, we were a family of six, Sean being our latest blessing. The boys were all with us,and  had fun in the classroom. We then said our final farewell and left. We were relieved to have made it through graduation, but the feeling  of
uncertainty and new beginnings once again flooded my brain. That week, I would be attending a meeting to discuss the kindergarten plans for September....  again moving from a comfortable daily routine back to the unknown...this became the story of our lives.
   If anything, I walked away from this experience with a new found determination. After my experience with the person who declared that Mikey would never speak, I came to realize something that I had probably known all along.....noone, would ever take our hope away from us. It would never happen. We had high hopes for Mikey, as we did for all of our children, and their was nothing that anyone could possibly say to change that. Ever.

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