Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Clues?

   I had my first son Chris, when I was 29. Mikey followed three years later. How  I loved these two beautiful children! Chris had blonde hair , beautiful blue eyes, and an adorable smile. Mikey  had dark hair, and infectious smile, and the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen. As a matter of fact, I remember my pediatrican telling me he had gorgeous eyes, BUT, he noticed that you could see the white part of his eye on the top of his eye(known as the sclera) know,the part  you can usually only see when someone is surprised and widens their eyes. I asked if this was a problem, and he said he didn't think so, but he was going to make some calls about it, and get back to me.He called me later that day, and said not to concern myself, it was nothing to worry about.Here are a couple of pictures where you can see(very slightly) the white around the top of his eyes....
   I have often wondered about that conversation and why the doctor called it to my attention. Years  later, I wanted to ask, but unfortunately our doctor passed away, so I guess I will never know what he was thinking.Part of me still wonders if the doctor thought it might somehow be related to autism.
   At any rate, Mikey was about as well behaved as any baby could possibly be. He really was(and still is) a sweetheart. His slept fairly well, ate well,hit all of his milestones on time and genuinely seemed happy. All was well.As you can see in the pictures below, he was (and still is ) always laughing.

    As he got a little older, and we switched from formula to milk, he did fine with it. A few months later, I started noticing something odd. To this day , I have no idea if it has anything at all to do with the autism, but he would stand in front of the tv in the evening, drink a bottle of milk, then vomit. This only happened at night. Never during the day. I brought it to the doctor's attention, but again was told not to worry. So, on my own, I decided to make the evening bottle either juice or water. The vomiting stopped.
    Around the time that Mikey was 18 months old, I was seven months pregnant with my third child. We had driven from Long Island down to Litchfield Beach, SC to attend a family reunion. I remember the family wanting to get everyone together to take a family picture. Mike(my husband) , and I got the boys ready and headed over to the house where the picture would be taken.Mikey was happy that day, and seemed very content.There was a party going on at the house, and the music was fairly loud. As we entered the backyard, I picked him up, and he vomited all over me.Needless to say, he and I had to go back to our room get cleaned up and changed. He seemed fine again, and I was left wondering, what happened. Did the music frighten him? Seemed unlikely, because he loved music...maybe it was too loud?
   Now, babies vomit, they get frightened, these really aren't unusual events. In retrospect, I do know that when these things did occur, my gut instinct told me something wasn't right..however, he was always given a clean bill of health, and always seemed happy, so I never made it into a big deal.
  Fast forward to Mikey's two-year check-up. Physically, he was perfect. However, we were not hearing many words yet. He babbled like crazy, laughed a lot, and seemed genuinely happy. The doctor asked me a few general questions, and we decided that I would set up an appointment for a hearing test,just to be on the safe side.I was not worried, as Mikey always reacted to sound, so I was pretty sure that his hearing was fine. He also told me that if we didn't have any words by his 2-1/2 year old check-up, that I should consider having him evaluated for speech issues( in my heart now, I know the dr. was thinking autism, but I sure wasn't). I agreed. I went home that day, and scheduled a hearing exam...we would go the following week. Little did I know that this would only be the beginning of our roller coaster ride.



  1. I am enjoying your blog and look forward to hearing about your journey!!!