Saturday, January 19, 2013

The First Day of School

   September was here and the day I had been dreading had finally arrived. Our son Chris was excited for the first day of school, but I certainly wasn't. The backpacks were all packed up, the supplies were ready to go, the new clothes and sneakers were ironed ,laid out and ready.
   Chris would be the first one out the door that morning, so I took him to school, made sure he found his teacher, waited with him on line, and kissed him goodbye as he headed into his school. As I turned around to head home, my stomach was turning. I was now going to send my Mikey off to school for the first time,and it was literally making me sick to my stomach.
   I went back home and started to get him ready. He looked so handsome. He had on a special name tag with his name as well as his new teacher's name on it.  His teacher's name was Ms. Thomas....would she be nice, would she care for him like I did, above all, would she be patient?  As always, my mind raced all morning.
    Mike had stayed home that morning so he could see the boys off on their first day. I remember telling him
to make sure he remembered the number on the side of the bus, so when we followed the bus to the school, I would know which bus was his. Yes....we followed the bus to school. I just had to. I had to see my son make it to school safely and enter the building.  After Mikey was all ready, Mike took him outside and they sat on the porch together waiting for the bus to arrive.
   When the bus pulled up, a cheery driver greeted us as well as a sweet matron who would accompany the children each day. Mikey loved adventures, so he happily boarded the bus and found a seat. Watching his beautiful blue eyes and adorable smile as he pulled away gave me comfort and heartache at the same time. He was happy, but he was leaving me. He was ready, but I was not. As soon as his bus headed down the block, we hopped into the car and followed. The driver probably thought we were nuts, but I didn't care.
   We found a spot across the street from the school and watched as his bus made its way around the school driveway. " Can you see that him....did he get out yet?" Mike answered me patiently, knowing how nervous I was. Then we saw sweet little boy exited the bus and entered the building. My big boy had just entered school for the first time. My eyes welled up with tears, as we pulled away from the school.
Once we were home, I made sure to keep the phone by my side all day...just in case. It never rang.
   As the day went on, I found myself watching the clock, and was outside waiting for the bus about 30 minutes before it was even scheduled to arrive. When I finally saw that bus turn onto our street, I felt such a sense of relief...he was back. Mikey came off of that bus with the same big smile he had that morning. The bus driver told us that the teacher said he had a great first day. I hugged and kissed him and took him inside.
I eagerly went through his backpack, and found a lovely note from his teacher telling us how his day went. I was also happy to see that we were already invited up to the school to see how things were going and to meet everyone. I was pleased to know that the day had gone well, yet I still turned to Mike and said" do we really have to send him back again tomorrow?" Of course, I knew we did, but this was not an easy adjustment for me.....I really missed my boy.


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