Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Beauty of Autism

Beauty and autism? Yes! We are always hearing about the trials, the difficulties, and the ugly episodes that are all a part of this disability, but I am here to tell you that it has a beautiful side as well. So beautiful, in fact, that it warms my heart and makes me feel blessed.It is a beauty that is so pure and innocent that nothing can compare, except perhaps that of a newborn child.

As a mother of four children, my heart is full. Like most parents,I love my children unconditionally. Each one of them brings something special and unique to our lives and our home. They are funny,witty, talented, and loving. They are also difficult, moody, stubborn and tough. However, we love them for all that they are, and enjoy watching them learn,grow and become themselves.

My children are all boys, and they are growing up too quickly. As they grow, they reach a stage where a kiss or hug from you in public is no longer allowed. They talk back at times, may not always be as respectful as we would like, and do not always heed our advice.It is all part of life's journey. While we do our best to teach them right from wrong, and guide them in the right direction, at some point they need to figure things out for themselves. While doing this, they may not be the most loving creatures on the planet.

My son Mikey, at 14 years of age, looks like a typical teenager,yet he is anything but that. It is not what he is incapable of doing that makes him different, but rather what he is capable of. This boy is innocence at its best. He is kind-hearted,loving, pure and beautiful. I am not referring to his appearance, which,by the way is also beautiful, but rather what is inside. He possesses such a sweet spirit that touches everyone he meets. How many teens do you know, especially boys, that will gladly accompany their parents anywhere? Hold hands with them in public? Happily accept a kiss on the cheek from them without a care in the world about who else is watching? Hug them so tightly that they cannot catch their breath? My beautiful son does all of these things.

While we may not be on the easiest of journeys, we never fail to see the beauty each day. We are greeted with sparkling bright blue eyes and a smile that can light up a room each morning. We retire each night to warm hugs,snuggles,tired breath,and sleepy eyes. We listen to sweet little songs hummed softly(and not so softly) throughout the night.We listen and our hearts swell, not only with pride but with love. There is such an unbreakable bond,a trust that will never go away. It is truly a thing of beauty,this love between us as parents, and our child. It is something that no matter what words I use, I still would never be able to convey these feelings as eloquently as I would like.

Yes, there is beauty in autism. It comes in the warmth of a hug, the sweetness of a kiss, the trust of a child, the innocence of a love so pure and comes in the heart of my son.

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