Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The First Fib

Never tell a lie.....be honest. Those are words we hear over and over again as children. Our parents remind us as young children how important honesty is, and how lying is never the right way to solve any problem. Our parents,of course were right, and as we grow and become parents ourselves, we find ourselves repeating the same to our own kids.

I have had to remind my children of this many times over the course of their lives, except for Mikey. I never felt the need to talk to him about lying because he is essentially non-verbal, therefore not capable of telling a lie. He is so sweet and innocent, that he could not possibly be capable of lying, right? WRONG!!

Today, a wonderful thing happened in my kitchen. Now, as parents of typical children, as you read this,you may think I am crazy.Well, at times I am, but that is not the point. Stick with me on this one.

Mikey has a terrible habit of spitting out what he is drinking. If he is in a silly mood, he will take a mouthful of water or juice, start laughing ,then spit it out all over the place. We have tried repeatedly to squash this fun little game of his to no avail. Often times, I can tell by his face if he is going to do this, and I will not give him the drink until he has calmed down a bit. Make no mistake, I do not hold back drinks from him on the regular, he is very well hydrated, however, if I see that mischievous look, I will wait, and he knows this.

Today, after his speech teacher left, he had a glass of juice...which he drank without incident. He came back a few minutes later for more. As I started to pour it, I noticed "that face." He started laughing,uncontrollably. Now, you have to understand, this boy is cute..I mean super-cute. Naturally, when I hear his infectious laugh, and see his sweet, tanned face all smiles, I start to laugh too. Not the best idea when you are trying to teach a child a lesson, but I could not help it. I stopped laughing long enough to say, "you want to spit this juice out,don't you?" He continued to laugh. I then said, " are you going to spit this out or are you going to drink it?" Then it happened. Through his laughter he verbally responded by saying, "dink uh ,dink uh." This meant "drink it,drink it, and it was a big,fat fib! I started playfully chasing him through the kitchen saying,
" you just told me a fib, you aren't going to drink it, you are going to spit it out...are you fibbing to me?" He continued to run away laughing loudly...he knew he had lied to get his way and he loved every minute of it.

Now, before you judge me and my lack of discipline here, understand this. My son,not only verbalized his thought appropriately ,he behaved in a manner that is typical of a teenage boy..he lied to get what he wanted. While it may not be right, in our world it is monumental. He was trying to manipulate me, and laughed while doing it. I laughed with him....and within a five minute span, we shared a special moment together.

How did this all turn out? I waited a few minutes, and gave him a very small amount of juice...and guess what? He spit it out...he is a work in progress, and I love him to pieces.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LIght It Up Blue!

Be sure to wear some blue today in honor of all families affected by autism! Have a great day!